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The ultimate backdrop(s) for your photoshoot.

A  restored 1867 barn & farmhouse, 100 acres of fields, forests + wildflowers

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venue + farmhouse

starting at $1100

The full kit and kaboodle: the entire property and inclusions mentioned above for the duration of the shoot. 

Includes full use of 2500sf farmhouse, including furniture and decor within. Full use of exterior lawn and gardens, and 100 acres of fields and forests. 

starting at $500


Includes full use of client-facing areas in the 4500sf venue, including the furniture and decor within, as well as exterior lawn, gardens, and 100 acres of fields and forests. 

starting at $750


the services
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We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this immaculately manicured house, venue and property to provide several different locale options for your photoshoots.  Whether you're looking for a location for an intimate shoot or a large-scale commercial project, we are more than happy to provide a customized quote. Send all your questions our way, and let's make some magic!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing differs depending on the type of shoot, but our current packages are based on a half day (4 hour) of full day (8 hour shoot). If your shoot doesn't fit within those parameters reach out and we'll provide a custom quote.

how many hours is included in the space rental for a photoshoot?

We have flowers blooming from May to October. The sunflowers are best in August/September, but the wildflowers and wild grasses are usually in full bloom by end of June (varying year to year depending on the Canadian weather).

And of course: time of day: dawn or dusk.

what is the best time to do an outdoor photoshoot?

There are so many excellent photographers in the vicinityIwho know our space very well. Reach out and we can connect you with the best reco's and fit for your project. 

who are your favourite local photographers?

We 100% love creative shoots, and collaborating on fun projects. Reach out with your ideas, we'd love to chat!

Are you open to creative shoots or industry collaborations?

That's kinda our thing. We can hook you up. Reach out!

want to do a creative shoot but need a little help with tHE creative direction?



WE can't wait to get to know you.

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