An 1867 heritage home & barn
on 100 acres at the edge of Wellington,
near pretty much everything.

A place to stay, play, wed, wine
& laze for days

An 1867 heritage home & barn
on 100 acres 
at the edge of Wellington,
near pretty much everything.

A place to stay, play, wed, wine & laze for days

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Jess is a multidisciplinary creative who transforms brands and spaces through beautifully arranged words, walls and furniture. While working as a Creative Director in LA she fell in love with Cali's laidback, approachable wine country. The places people would lounge and stay for hours. She wanted to bring that home to Canada. To balance the right brain is the left brain, Nat. The creator of good times and great experiences. Producer extraordinaire, system maker, and business builder with an impressive empire of hospitality startups to her name and the rare ability to make everyone feel at ease. And the guy behind the scenes responsible for making this place really shine? The doer. The maker. The fixer. Nat's lover, Jared. Oh - and of course, our garden goddess (Mom). Yeah, it's a family affair. Cute, huh?

WE MAKE pretty things
& pretty fun TIMES


N°5 experiential entertainment

N°4 toasts over speeches 

N°3 mini dresses

N°2 using natural and wildflowers 

N°1 non-traditional table centrepieces

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we are looking for some self-startING party-starters. organizers. planners. doers. People with experience in the following roles:


On-site representative and lead authority during all events.


Part-time, full-time.


Please email hello@thebrighthousefarm with resumes and position of interest.


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